English – Dutch translations

I translate English texts into Dutch. High standards of quality are guaranteed. I make sure that your message is perfectly in tune with your target group, within the context of your specific sector and corporate communications strategy (B2B, B2C and B2E).

I deliver translations that are tailored to your needs, and promise a translation that’s suitable in all situations and deadlines.

I’m specialized in English marketing and e-commerce texts in the travel and tourism sector, with specific expertise in translating ads, direct e-mails, newsletters, website texts, product descriptions for online stores, and promotional texts for holiday accommodations and destinations from English into Dutch.

Thanks to my years of experience working on marketing texts for the travel and tourism sector, I not only ensure that the translation is technically correct, but I’m also keenly aware of the latest terminology.

Specialized in tourism and marketing

Expert in the Dutch culture

Excellent quality at a competitive rate

Returning, very satisfied customers

Procedure that is fully GDPR-proof

Cultural consulting

I advise you on the best way to convey your message to Dutch consumers, taking into account any relevant factors based on culture, history or current events. Since I travel widely, I encounter many other cultures. I get the chance to understand the context of the source text, as well as the Dutch cultural context of the intended translation. A great example: most American texts can’t easily be translated word-for-word. The writing style used in American advertising tends to come across like an aggressive sales pitch or sound loud and over the top.


I translate exclusively from English into Dutch. For translations into English, I’m happy to refer you to several trusted colleagues who offer reliable quality and are native speakers of English. Upon request, I can also introduce you to colleagues working in other language pairs.